The 7th International Conference on Image and Graphics Processing (ICIGP 2024)   Beijing, China | January 19-21, 2024

Doctoral Consortium

The Doctoral Consortium provides a unique opportunity for students, who are close to finishing or who have recently finished their doctorate degree, to interact with experienced researchers in image and graphics processing. Each Doctoral Consortium will designate a chair as mentor, and students can choose any consortium based on their preference or similarity of research interests. All students and mentors will attend a Doctoral Consortium meeting, giving the students an opportunity to discuss their ongoing research and career plans with their mentor. In addition, each student will present a poster, either describing their thesis research or a single recent paper, to the other participants and their mentors.

Students should be conducting research in digital image processing and be within one year (before or after) of graduating with their doctoral degree.

Submission Guidelines
Students that meet the eligibility requirements should submit an application to You need to submit the following as a single pdf file.

1. Your CV and list of publications.
2. One first-author paper which you are most proud of.
3. The title and abstract that you will present at the consortium.
4. Three specific questions you have for your mentor.


1. 您的个人简历和出版物清单;
2. 一篇您最引以为豪的第一作者论文;
3. 您将在论坛中交流的研究工作标题和摘要;
4. 您对导师提出的三个具体问题。

Important Dates
Submission deadline: November 10, 2023
Notification of acceptance: December 10, 2023